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Please read the following for answers to all your questions.

1) Our Products Features

a. What is your garments standards, is the collar stay removable? Are the pants lined?

Click here to read all about our standards that we still value.

b. Do you charge for Big and Tall?

No, we dont, no matter how big or tall you are, you pay the same price as the smallest man on earth.

c. Can I order for my friends/family?

Yes, you can but please open a different account for them because we keep ONLY ONE MEASUREMENTS PROFILE PER ACCOUNT.

2) Special Requests, Options, Pickstitching, Monogramming, etc.

a. What is Pickstitching?

Pickstitching is to replicate hand stitched lapels and pockets by making the stitches visible. This is all done by hand and is an option we offer when ordering a suit/jacket/blazer from us. There is a charge of $10 for this feature.

b. Can I embroider my company's logo?

Yes we can embroider your logo on the garments you order, please email us the quantity with a digital image of the logo you want us to embroider.

c. I want removable collar stays on my shirts, is this possible?

Yes, we can do removable collar stays on shirts, please select this option while ordering.

d. Are the pants lined?

We give you the option of half lining, full lining, crotch lining and no lining. Crotch lining means the crotch would be lined and the pants would also be half lined. There is a $10 extra charge on full lining.

e. Is working buttons on sleeves possible? I would also like to monogram my name inside the jacket, is this also possible?

Yes, it is possible to have the sleeves with working buttons, there is an extra charge of $20.
We can also stitching your full name or initials inside the jacket and the charge is only $15.

3) Fabrics Information

a. From where do you buy your fabrics?

Some of our fabrics are made in Thailand itself, some from China and some of the cottons are from Japan. High quality fabrics are mostly from Italy and England.

b. Fabric Care informations

All Woolen products should be dry cleaned only. Cottons can be machine wash using cold water however hand wash would be recommended for durability. All Silk items should be dry cleaned or hand wash using cold water. Steaming are recommended for all our items, hot iron should not be applied directly on the garment but you should apply iron over linen cloth. Apply hot iron directly on Pure Cotton garments.

c. Do you have colors like Pink, Orange, Yellow etc. for a shirt or suit?

These fabric do not sell very well that is why we dont stock these fabric, however we can still source these fabrics, if you would like to order these colors, just email us and we would let you know which fabrics would be suitable and the pricing of it.

d. I would like to purchase fabrics by meters/yards, do you sell fabrics only?

Yes we can supply you our fabrics, send us an email with the fabric name, the quantity you want and we would send you a quote for the fabric with shipping costs.

e. I dont see the fabrics I am looking for in your fabric catalogue, can you source a different type of material for us?

Yes we can source different type of materials/fabrics for you, send us an email with the image of the fabric or send us a link of any website showing the fabric you require, we can then quote you price for making garments out of that material if we do find it.

4) Styling

a. Do you customize clothings in any style?

Yes we can tailor garments in any style and we do mean it. If our order pages does not fulfil your styling requirements, send us pictures via email of what you want us to make.

b. Should I have a center vent, side vents or no vent?

The below is the generalization of the vent trends,

Center Vents - More Comfortable then no vents (recommended)
No vents - Looks good but can be snug or fitted sometimes
Side Vents - Very comfortable while seated. Although its traditional (not very modern)

c. Can I send you images of designers suits for you to duplicate from?

Yes, just order and then send us an email immediately with a picture of the style you want.

5) Swatches, Swatches Sizes and Catalogues

a. I want a catalogue of Custom Clothings.

As we are custom tailors, we do not produce catalogues, this is indirectly an advantage for you as you can send us any styles and we would duplicate it for you. We can also duplicate designers style.

b. Can I order swatches?

Yes, Click here to order now.

6) Costs, Pricing, Special Prices and Discounts

a. I would like to order multiple items, I would like to place a bulk order. Can I have a Special Price?

Yes, you can get special price at Wardrobe special section on our website, if there are no offer which match your needs, please email us for quotation.

b. Can I order just 1 shirt/1 suit? Is there a minimum order?

We dont have a minimum order when you place an order with us, however to keep cost down and to be able to continue supplying you with good products at lower price, we would ask you to consider placing your order for atleast $70. For first time customers, you can also try purchasing just 1 shirt or 1 suit from us to test our workmanship and quality.

c. Where do I see the prices for the garments I wish to order?

Price depends on the fabrics, to determine the price, choose the product you want to purchase then a page would come up with fabrics and prices.

7) Measurements, How to Measure? Clothes fitting, Copy your clothes service.

a. I am not sure how to measure myself? Do you have a suggestion, please advice.

If you are not sure of following our measurements form, print the form and go to a local tailor and ask them to measure you up.

b. Why do you prefer that I send you images of myself?

We prefer that you send us images of yourself so that we can see your body postures and make your suit fit you better. We want you to send us your Full front, Back and both left and right images.
We prefer the images to be taken against a dark background.
Send it right after placing your order to support@sethisuits.com.

c. Should I take the measurements from preferred clothes or from body, if from body should I wear clothes while mesurements are being taken?

All 2 dimensional measurements can be taken directly from a prefered clothes
All 3 dimenstional measurements (chest, waist, hips, thighs) should be taken exactly on body with clothes on. Take measurements with clothes on always.

d. I have my old suit/shirt/pants that fits me very well, can I send you to copy?

Click here for Copying clothes info.

e. Can you cut my shirt/suit/pants loosely, snug or baggy, etc.

As we are custom tailors, we can do all loosely, snug or baggy, just mention while ordering.

f. I am interested in ordering, however I am a big and tall type, do you charge extra?

We do custom clothing for big and tall. And we love it to work with them because once you like our clothes and we have proved to you that we are a good supplier of clothings, you most probably would be buying from us for the rest of your life. There is no extra charge for big and tall, the price is the same for the smallest man on earth.

g. I am on wheelchair, can you make my clothes?

Yes, we can custom make your clothes although we would prefer that measurements are taken from a favorite pieces of clothings.

h. My sleeves are very short and my neck is very big, can you accomodate this.

There are no problem with this as all piece of clothings are made only for you and no one else.

i. I wish to place another order, my old suit length was a little long, Can I update my measurements.

Yes, when ordering, a page with your measurements would appear where you can change it accordingly.

j. I am an existing client but I dont know why my measurements are not showing up when ordering?

If you do not see your measurements, there must be a problem with the database OR you have sent us some clothings for us to copy and we dont save it online. You can still place your order as we dont only save your measurements online but also on file.

k. Would I get a perfect fit suit?

As we are custom tailors for over 3 generations, we do have a lot of experience and knowledge about peoples measurements and sizes, we can therefore just by looking at your measurements can understand whether the measurements have been taken correctly or not, if there is some discrepencies, we would get back to you or even use our experience to detemine the correct measurements.

8) CMT "Cut and Stitching" using your fabric

a. What are CMT orders? What is the costs?

CMT orders are one you send us the fabric and we tailor your garments for you.
The cost of CMT of suits are $175 including shipping from us back to you and of shirts is $35 including shipping of the finished products back to you by international couriers.
The cost of CMT for pants is $45 including shipping of the finished products back to you.
The cost of CMT for vests is $49 including shipping of the finished products back to you.
To place a CMT order, send us an email.

b. Where do I send the fabrics, how should I send it?

Send the fabrics to us at

Sethi Suits - Professional Tailor
633 Sukhumvit Soi 22,
Khlongtoey, Bangkok,
10110, THAILAND.

Sending via Air Mail using your local post such as USPS, Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, etc. would be the cheapest way. Please declare the value of the package not over $15.

c. How much fabric should I buy for a suit/pants/overcoat/vest/shirt I would like made?

Email us with your measurements or sizes and we would let you know the fabrics required for the garment. Please also let us know the fabric you would use (for example, Wool, Linen, Pure Cotton), fabric width and the pattern/design on the fabric.

9) Wardrobe Specials, Special Offers, Package Discounts and Gift Certificates

a. I want to order five suits or ten shirts. Can you give me a deal?

Yes, we are able to give you a special price for order of five suits or more, ten shirts of more placed at the same time. Measurements, styles, fabrics do not have to be the same, email us for a quotation or check our wardrobe special for available packages.

b. I wish to order gift certificate, how do I do so? How do I claim the value stored in the certificate?

You can order gift certificates by clicking here. When ordering, after check out, you have to fill personal details, in the bottom of that page, write the coupon code and the system would deduct the amount of your order from the coupon, if the amount of order exceeds the coupon amount, then the receipient would have to pay the differences. You have to be a registered member to be able to purchase gift certificates.

c. Will my Gift Certificate expire?

Yes, all gift certificates is valid for 6 months only!

d. What if my gift certificates code is lost, what do I do?

Gift Certificate if lost is not redeemable anymore.

10) Order Process, How to order?

a. How do I place an order?

To start, Click on Order Now! and choose whether it is for Ladies or Gents, then choose the product you would like and choose the fabrics (the price is shown here) and choose the styles and choose the options for your clothes, then add the product to cart, if you wish to order more items, click on Gents/Ladies Products in the cart page and follow to same step, after you have finalized your order, click Check Out and you would have to login into your account, if you are not registered, you can register now. If you want to use a Gift Certificate, enter the coupon code now. After you have entered your details, you would be taken to measurements form page where you should enter all your measurements and then you can choose the payment method and its done. Your clothes would reach you in 2 - 3 weeks time.

b. I am having a problem placing an order online via your website.

We are very sorry if you cannot place your order via our website, you can also email us your order and let us know your measurements by using the measurements form on the website.

11) Payments options

a. Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all majorof credit card, VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX, DINERS, JCB and DISCOVER.

b. Do I have to pay all upfront? Can I pay on delivery?

We accept Payments on Delivery only for Domestic Orders, that is only within the territory of Thailand, for all International orders, payments have to be made before tailoring begins.

c. Can I pay half now and half when I receive the products, do you offer credit terms?

We are very sorry, but we dont offer Credit Terms, Payments in installments or Partial Payments. All payments have to be made before tailoring begins unless you have a signed contract with us being a reseller.

d. What are my payments options?

You can pay by credit card/e-check online, wire transfer or email us for more options.

e. Can I order by fax or phone?

Yes, you can call us to place an order however we dont take credit card via phone or fax. You would still have to pay online or do a wire transfer.

12) Track Your Order, Turn Around Time and Shipping

a. When would my order be shipped?

All orders placed with us should be shipped out within 10 days and should reach you within 14 days. We dont guarantee if delay in transit occurs.

b. Do you ship world wide?

Yes we ship world wide however there are some red flagged country that we do not ship. We do not ship orders to most African countries and some Eastern Eurpoean and Asian countries without suffecient identity verification documentation. This is to safegaurd against fraudulent order placements and to protect our clients and ourselves from necessary inconveniences. Once an order is received and deemed by our fraud prevention mechanism to require verification documents, we will email asking for documentation as necessary to proceed with the order.

c. Do I have to pay custom duties/ taxes, etc?

You may have to pay custom duties/taxes depending on country to country, this duty can only be determined by your custom authorities which can range from 5% - 20%.

d. Do you ship to USA, UK, Australia, Germany, etc.

We ship to every corner of the globe where the couriers can go to.

e. How do I track my order online?

On the top menu of the site, there is a "Track Your Order" link where you can login and see the status of all your orders.

f. What is Priority service?

Priority service is 20% extra of your total order and you are guaranteed to receive your order within 10 days from the time you placed and payed for your order. To use Priority Processing, you have to email us after placing your order online. We would then send you a payment request link for the priority processing.

g. What is the Turnaround Time?

All orders should reach you within 2 weeks time.

13)Your Account with us, Your Order Status

a. How do I open an Account?

On the top menu, there would be a My Account link where you can login or set up an account, you can also do this while ordering.

b . How do I check the status of my orders?

On the top menu of our site, there is a "Track your order" link. Go to the page and login to your account where you can track the status of all your orders.

c. What does "Pending" means when I track my order?

If our staff have not yet begin working with your order, the status would still be Pending. This normally takes 12 hours to change status (also because international time difference).

d. What does "Information required" means when I track my order?

This means that you have submitted incomplete information/measurements and we require more details, an email would be sent to you asking for these required information.

e. What does "Fabric Sourcing" means when I track my order?

Fabric Sourcing is when we are still waiting for our supplier to deliver the fabrics, this can take 2 - 3 days.

f. What does "Tailoring" means when I track my order?

Tailoring means fabrics have arrived and we are in progress of cutting and stiching the fabric into useable garments.

i. What does "Shipped" means when I track my order?

Shipped means your order is done and is now in transit from us to you. There would be a tracking number of your package.

14) Visiting Tailor Trip (Europe/USA trip)

a. Do you ever visit my country/city?

The answer is maybe/maybe not. Check our tour schedule by Click here .We can also make a special visit only for you if you can arrange for atleast 50 people who would be interested to buy atleast 2 suits each. For special visit, you would have to deposit a certain amount of money determined by us, contact us for info.

b. How does it work?

The procedure is very simple. The sales representative will bring along a large fabric sample collection of the latest fabrics to your city. They will then confirm an appointment in the hotel they stay in, which will be in the center of the city or visit you at your home or office depending on the number of buyers you can arrange for us. You can then personally discuss the styles and the fabrics required for your suits and get measured. Your order will later be processed with great care and attention in Bangkok with the experienced tailoring skills at Sethi Suits. We also takes full responsibility of delivering your order to your doorstep within 4 weeks. To be on our long list of customers to be visited in their cities, kindly fill up the form below and we will get back in touch with you with further details. If you refer us to your friends or colleagues, we will give you a special discount on your personal orders. However, for clients in the USA, we can visit your city only if you can arrange at least 10 buyers for us. If you cannot arrange such number, we will keep your record on file and let you know if we will be able to make it to your city or not.

c. Is the price same as buying online?

Yes, the price is the same.

15) Reselling and Franchise Opportunities

a. What are the Reseller and Franchise Opportunities offered by Sethi Suits?

For information about purchasing a franchise in the sethisuits.com website, please fill out our enquiry form and a representative of sethisuits.com will contact you.

16) Others

a. Can you give me your previous customers reference?

We are very sorry however we cannot violate our privacy policy. You can however read our customers testimonials to see our customers satisfaction.

b. What is your physical address? Where in Bangkok are you located?

We are based in Bangkok, Thailand.
633 Sukhumvit Soi 22,
Khlongtoey, Bangkok
10110, THAILAND.
We are at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 22, very close to President Park and The Davis Hotel. You can call us at +66-2-261-0745 for directions.

17) Return Policy, Privacy Policy, Cancellation Policy, etc.

a. I lost my gift certificate. Can I still redeem it?

A gift certificate if lost is unredeemable. It is the reciepients responsibility to write down or save the coupon code. Please dont send an email request to recover lost coupns, we cannot recover it.

b. Validity of Gift Certificates

All gift certificates are valid for 6 months only, if there is any amount left on the coupon, it would be unredeemable.

c. What is the Return Policy at sethisuits.com?

sethisuits.com is dedicated to maintaining total customer satisfaction to the fullest possible way.. If there is any error on our part, we would alter/replace the product free of charge. However if it is clients fault by sending us wrong measurements, we would alter it as much as we can and send it back to you however both ways shipping would be customers responsibility. An order already been placed and payed for cannot be cancelled. We do not do refund so please do not send any request asking for refund. All orders can be returned to us for alterations. For more specific answers to your questions about our return policy, please feel free to send us an email at info@sethisuits.com.

d. I would like to Cancel an Order. Can I? How?

We are very sorry to say that all orders being placed and payed for cannot be cancelled. Under some circumstances, we may allow you to cancel the order however with 25% fabric restocking fees. This can only be done if the order is still pending and tailoring have not begin yet.

e. What is your Privacy Policy?

We do not disclose your information to any third parties, we dont sell any informations. All informations asked from you are only used to make and ship our products to you.

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